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Imagine If….

February 15th, 2009


Miss me??

hehehe I missed all of you….damn economy, but, I am back, and raring to go….Giselle, my most favorite LG in the whole world, and I talk often, and we were speaking about the Superbowl recently….and after our conversation we were both rolling on the floor, laughing our panties off….and are you wondering what was so funny?

Imagine if….there were a Sissy Superbowl….Oh my….how much fun would that be….I will post our conversation below, and let you giggle….

Giselle:  how come there isnt a team called the panties?
Ms Savannah:  lmao
Ms Savannah:  they might not pass through the regulations
Giselle:  that would probably be my favorite team
Ms Savannah:  me too
Ms Savannah: Can I be their coach?
Giselle:  sure
Giselle:  you can train them for The Ruffle Butts
Ms Savannah:  it will be their full time uniform
Ms Savannah:  ruffle butt panties, and super frilly, puff sleeved shirts
Ms Savannah:  and instead of helmets, it would be bonnets

Ms Savannah:  and…..their “padding” would be push up bras and hoopskirts
Giselle:  rofl
Giselle:  that would be pretty cute
Giselle:  and instead of that eye stuff they wear, they could have eyeshadow
Ms Savannah:  yes!
Ms Savannah: and black liner

Giselle:  giggle
Ms Savannah:  and false eyelashes to protect them from the sun
Giselle:  then they’d have to go offsides to the coach to get their eyelashes fixed after a play
Ms Savannah:  yes!
Giselle:  and you’d be there, doing their nails
Ms Savannah:  and spanking their fanny
Ms Savannah:  cuz I’m the coach, it’s my job

Giselle:  giggle

Anyone want to play for the panties? ……I thought so! I hope you got a good giggle, and if we get enough players, then perhaps we could petition and have the panties join the NFL….you would certainly enjoy watching those games, eh….*giggles*

 On another note, we have joined forces with The Duchess, and The Phone Sexx Girls and will be offering some promotions, treats, and who knows what else to make you unable to live without us! I would love to talk to all of you soon… call me….you know how much I enjoy teasing you pretty sissies! Also, I might have some sissy phonesex audios for you…featuring myself, and the intoxicatingly adorable Ms Bree….check back soon….

With Love and Licks,

Ms Savannah

This Just In!!

September 24th, 2008

Hi Kittens!

 We have partnered up with our sister sites, and are offering something special for all of you….here is the note left by Reese…..


I know these trying economic times have us all in a twitter, and it looks bleak on the horizon….but luckily, the Government is stepping in and helping us all out…..and our economy will be up and running beautifullly soon. Due to such strain on our wallets, and the stress involved….we have partnered with our sister sites, and are offering a SALE!!! We know how much you need your “fix,” and to help you forget the awful outside world for a bit…..a hot forced femme phonesex session, or some naughty sissy training…..we’re going to offer CHEAP PHONE SEX!!! ALL calls are only $1.99 a minute, with a 10 minute minimum, and EVERY SINGLE CALL INCLUDES 10 FREE MINUTES!! This sale will continue till November 1st, and perhaps beyond depending on the response we receive.

 Good luck darlings…..and I know we will be intoxicating you post haste!



Your Favorite Kinky Girls

Introducing Ms Bree!

September 11th, 2008

Hi Kittens,

 I just wanted to write a little something about our new Mistress joining the ranks….Ms Bree! She comes to us with much experience in keeping your panty covered bottoms in order! I have known her for a bit, and I have seen her in action, and she will undoubtedly leave you breathless. Her specialties include sissymaids, forced bi, and being the ultimate Pimptress! Her bio, and a lovely picture is posted for your wandering eyes, she welcomes emails with any questions you may have, and she will be hosting a chat here soon too! Check her out!

 One more thing before I go. Today marks the 7th anniversary of Sept 11th, and I know some of you hold this day very close, you lost loved ones, friends, and were marked forever by this tragic event. My heart and thoughts are with you, and everyone around the world, marred by this fateful day. I only hope we can rise together in the future, and be as one, just as we were the day it happened. Love the one you’re with, tell them often and how much….for you never know when your last moment will be. I love you all…


Warmest Hugs and Cuddles,

Ms Savannah

A Smashing Success!

September 9th, 2008

Hi Kittens!

 Last night was our Grand Opening, and it was a huge success! We had a great crowd in the chatroom, and I was so happy to see everyone there! A special thanks to Ms Kylie, Ms Bree, Krissi, Misty, Tart, Julie, Natasha, Nate and Princess for making it so much fun! I welcome more, and can’t wait to meet you all. I want to thank My Gissie for her inspiration and belief in me, and helping make this site what it is…..she is an Angel! We discussed last night things we would like to see happen at the “Files” and hosted chats, contests, and a monthly Slumber Party were mentioned! So look for it all in the near future!

 My little site here will follow a theme……The F Files. If you have ever seen a certain television show, you will know what this means….and I will be sharing all our adventures with your peers, with your anonymity protected, at my discretion *winks* All your forced feminization and forced bi fantasies will come true here….*smiles*

 Sissies, unite….and come on down….I’ll keep the phone close by, and the chatroom seats warm for you….and do wear your most girlie dress to the party! Here we go!



Ms Savannah

P.S. Krissi said to look out for the laser sharks that roam these waters….but you will find safe land here at the Files!

The Countdown Begins…

September 8th, 2008


We will be live tomorrow, Monday 9/8. I am so looking forward to seeing all of you again, and making LOTS of new friends!

So shout it out with me…..10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2….!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ms Savannah

Coming soon….

August 30th, 2008

We’re making it pretty for you….but keep checking back for more!



Ms Savannah