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Imagine If….

February 15th, 2009

Miss me??
hehehe I missed all of you….damn economy, but, I am back, and raring to go….Giselle, my most favorite LG in the whole world, and I talk often, and we were speaking about the Superbowl recently….and after our conversation we were both rolling on the floor, laughing our panties off….and are you wondering what was so [...]

This Just In!!

September 24th, 2008

Hi Kittens!
 We have partnered up with our sister sites, and are offering something special for all of you….here is the note left by Reese…..
I know these trying economic times have us all in a twitter, and it looks bleak on the horizon….but luckily, the Government is stepping in and helping us all out…..and our economy [...]